Coming Up Roses by L.K. Farlow


Coming up Roses” by L.K Farlow is a must read. Seriously AMAZEBALLS, southern everything!

Oh man! Okay, well this book was WOW. I was thinking to myself recently that I hadn’t read books where the heroine was short of “perfect,” and then this book comes along. And let me tell you, Myla Rose is perfect, but not for the crazy reasons highlighted in books. She’s perfect because not once did she doubt her decision. She is a single mother who dated an asshole who refused to man up and be responsible for his child. But Myla Rose took it in stride. She allowed herself some time to cry, and then picked herself up from the floor and got to work. Literally. Myla Rose is an independent, beautiful, caring, loving mother to be. What’s also beautiful, is that someone saw her for who she was and loved her and her child for it anyway. Cash Carson, handsome southern accent and all had moved away from his hometown but after a horrible break up decides to come back home. Here he meets Myla Rose who is with child and falls for her anyway. Not in spite of being pregnant, but because he has enough love for the both of them.

This book made me happy and made me see that happily ever afters can exist for people regardless of what their circumstances are. L.K. Farlow, what a wonderful debut novel. I can’t wait to see what else will come down the pipe, you are indeed a promising author.

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