Drumline by Stacy Kestwick

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I finished reading “Drumline” by Stacy Kestwick this morning. It was recommended in one of the reader groups I am a part of, and though it had been sitting on my Kindle for a bit, it wasn’t because I was uninterested. The moment I picked up the book, I was unable to put it down. I mean from start to finish I was a prisoner to it.

Reese, the female lead, is a strong, hard-headed, determined character who is willing to do it all to earn her way. She wants her place in the boy’s club that is her school’s marching band. Laird, the male lead, is your usual Alpha Male, captain of the drumline, gorgeous, and immediately taken by the only girl trying out for the team. The only girl who has done so in decades. Reese discovers that entering the boy’s club is no easy feat, and could lead to her getting hurt.

This book is one about loss, love, family, and all the in-betweens. The story is well-paced, and the supporting characters make you hope that somehow Stacy has another story to tell about them. Definitely a good read, trust me, I read it all in one sitting.

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