Wicked Beginnings by L.A. Cotton


So I got lucky! I won an ARC of L.A. Cotton’s “Wicked Beginnings” and wicked it was amazing. Maverick and Eloise are something else. Eloise is born of an American father and British mother. She’s lived in Britain all of her life and has only visited the U.S. once before where she met a boy she was taken with.

A year later, Eloise finds herself relocating to the U.S. and once again meeting the same guy she had met a year before.

Maverick is well dark and mysterious and holding on to way too many secrets. He is hot, quiet, powerful, and the captain of the basketball team. When he speaks, people listen, when he enters a room the air is sucked from it. He finds himself battling with himself on whether to act on what he feels.

This story is full of secrets and mystery from all angles. The air is charged, and the tension can be sliced with a knife. There is a lot going on and, sadly for me, I’ll have to wait until book two releases in January to get to find out more.

This story has more than just a romance plot, there is also loss, parent-children relationships, and the always present school drama. I loved it, I’m sure you will too!

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