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Drumline by Stacy Kestwick

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I finished reading “Drumline” by Stacy Kestwick this morning. It was recommended in one of the reader groups I am a part of, and though it had been sitting on my Kindle for a bit, it wasn’t because I was uninterested. The moment I picked up the book, I was unable to put it down. I mean from start to finish I was a prisoner to it.

Reese, the female lead, is a strong, hard-headed, determined character who is willing to do it all to earn her way. She wants her place in the boy’s club that is her school’s marching band. Laird, the male lead, is your usual Alpha Male, captain of the drumline, gorgeous, and immediately taken by the only girl trying out for the team. The only girl who has done so in decades. Reese discovers that entering the boy’s club is no easy feat, and could lead to her getting hurt.

This book is one about loss, love, family, and all the in-betweens. The story is well-paced, and the supporting characters make you hope that somehow Stacy has another story to tell about them. Definitely a good read, trust me, I read it all in one sitting.

Rules of Persuasion by Amity Hope

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I think I’ve mentioned before that I LOVE to read and can read a book a day. Well, I just finished reading “Rules of Persuasion” by Amity Hope, and let me tell you it was exactly what I needed from a YA book.

Meg is the female protagonist who has to cope with the loss of her sister and well her family’s handling of that. She has an outlet that isn’t very legal but helps her meet Luke. Luke is the pitcher of his high school’s baseball team, and well hangs around with the popular crew.

Meg and Luke could not be more different on the outside, while he is externally what you expect a popular guy to be like, she is a little darker. She rides a motorcycle, wears leather jeans, and generally doesn’t care about what others think of her. But when Luke catches her redhanded and makes her an offer she “cannot refuse,” she must accept and pretend to be his girlfriend.

Their sizzling connection can be felt throughout the book. Can’t help but fall in love with closet-nerd, Luke, and badass but actually a sweetheart Meg. As always, there are rules to the arrangement, but will they follow them?


Hate to Love You by Tijan

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I definitely said I LOVE Tijan, and everything she does. It took me a little longer to get this up here, even though I read it the same night it was released but here it is: “Hate to Love You” by Tijan is “all that and a bag of chips.” Let the College Romance BEGIN!

Seriously, I don’t know how Tijan does it, but she does EVERY TIME. She has soo many books (please scroll down for a quick snap of some of her reads) and each of them is as good as the previous one. Once again, Tijan pleased her readers by giving us a story with our beloved Alpha-Male and well Alpha-Female too. Shay Coleman is your smooth, hot, strong, tall, Football player who throws all of Kennedy Clarke’s rules out of the window. She says NO BOYS, but then he comes along and really makes it hard for her to stick to what she said. This book makes you root for them, makes you fall for them, makes you mad at times but then makes it all up. This story follows a strong Kennedy who is tired of people criticizing women, who is tired of people taking advantage of women, and who speaks up but is made to follow consequences. It also follows Shay who wants to protect her, care for her, and love her. It also follows supporting characters who play an important role in bringing other issues to light.

Honestly, when it comes to Tijan’s books all I can say is that no words I write will ever do them justice. You’ll have to just read it and see for yourself.

Coming Up Roses by L.K. Farlow


Coming up Roses” by L.K Farlow is a must read. Seriously AMAZEBALLS, southern everything!

Oh man! Okay, well this book was WOW. I was thinking to myself recently that I hadn’t read books where the heroine was short of “perfect,” and then this book comes along. And let me tell you, Myla Rose is perfect, but not for the crazy reasons highlighted in books. She’s perfect because not once did she doubt her decision. She is a single mother who dated an asshole who refused to man up and be responsible for his child. But Myla Rose took it in stride. She allowed herself some time to cry, and then picked herself up from the floor and got to work. Literally. Myla Rose is an independent, beautiful, caring, loving mother to be. What’s also beautiful, is that someone saw her for who she was and loved her and her child for it anyway. Cash Carson, handsome southern accent and all had moved away from his hometown but after a horrible break up decides to come back home. Here he meets Myla Rose who is with child and falls for her anyway. Not in spite of being pregnant, but because he has enough love for the both of them.

This book made me happy and made me see that happily ever afters can exist for people regardless of what their circumstances are. L.K. Farlow, what a wonderful debut novel. I can’t wait to see what else will come down the pipe, you are indeed a promising author.

Wicked Beginnings by L.A. Cotton


So I got lucky! I won an ARC of L.A. Cotton’s “Wicked Beginnings” and wicked it was amazing. Maverick and Eloise are something else. Eloise is born of an American father and British mother. She’s lived in Britain all of her life and has only visited the U.S. once before where she met a boy she was taken with.

A year later, Eloise finds herself relocating to the U.S. and once again meeting the same guy she had met a year before.

Maverick is well dark and mysterious and holding on to way too many secrets. He is hot, quiet, powerful, and the captain of the basketball team. When he speaks, people listen, when he enters a room the air is sucked from it. He finds himself battling with himself on whether to act on what he feels.

This story is full of secrets and mystery from all angles. The air is charged, and the tension can be sliced with a knife. There is a lot going on and, sadly for me, I’ll have to wait until book two releases in January to get to find out more.

This story has more than just a romance plot, there is also loss, parent-children relationships, and the always present school drama. I loved it, I’m sure you will too!

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