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How to Date a Douchebag: The Learning Hours

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Two reviews, one day. A couple of weeks ago, I had the disctinct pleasure of reading Sara Ney’s “How to Date a Douchebag: The Learning Hours” and it was such a fun read!

This is the third book I’ve ever read by Sara Ney and each one has somehow managed to give me a different story but all of the same feelings.
The other two are also titled “How to Date a Douchebag” and each time she explores the story of different characters in a wrestling team.

This book was one of my favorites because it was different. I’m sure we are all used to reading the books where the heroine is simple, basic looking or you know is pretty but not a huge deal. We LOVE when the hottest guy in the school, football team, basketball team, or any team gives her the time of day. BUT how many times have you read about the opposite? Not often right?. Well, that’s because of the audience that reads the books (or at least that’s my theory) but Sara Ney decided to do it differently this time around. It WASN’T the hottest guy, though physically Rhett had the body of a god, his face didn’t match it. He had marks on his face from wrestling and was NOT all that attractive. The heroine, Laurel, notices this the first time she sees him and immediately dismisses him as someone she would NEVER date. She, on the other hand, is TO DIE gorgeous with fiery red hair and a body to match (she legit has a 4-pack). She has dated only assholes throughout her life, but she isn’t really a nice girl either. She’s hot and she knows it, and she very much shows it.

Now, if this story doesn’t already sound different than most things you read, then please give me a list of what you are reading. He is basically a virgin and his friends are giving him a hard time for it, so they put up an ad to help him get laid. She is dared by her cousin to respond to the ad. The story begins and the roles are reversed. Great read, different than the norm and I love it.

On a Tuesday by Whitney G


Imagine every important part of your life took place on the same day over a long period of time. Can’t imagine it right? It’s basically impossible, but Whitney G. made it possible in her standalone novel “On a Tuesday.”

Aside from reminding me of a famous song, this book was a little different than most. Yes, it includes the HOT quarterback who is super cocky (with reason) and the virgin tutor who is gorgeous but humble. When I begin reading the book, I guessed that the plot line was going to follow most others. But it didn’t. Grayson & Charlotte’s story is different. They are both honor students and missed crucial classes necessary for graduation. The solution, she tutors a student to make up the credits, and he decides to take a bunch of English classes which he pushed to the absolute last minute because he didn’t want to take it. He doesn’t really need a tutor but is giving one to help him out in whatever way the tutor can, and to keep him accountable. He meets Charlotte and makes it his mission to make her fall for him. A difficult mission indeed, because Charlotte doesn’t want anything to do with the player, cocky, manwhore that she believes Grayson to be. And although Grayson wasn’t that any longer, she didn’t want to be in his spotlight.

This story goes back and forth between the present and the past. It builds the relationship for you step by step in the past, and then brings you to a future where you start to wonder what happened. The pace is amazing, the story is one that I can’t quite capture into words without giving too much away. All you need to know is that there is a twist. There are a lot of surprises, and you will find yourself as hurt and confused as the characters. You will cheer for them, you will feel hurt for them, you might even shed a tear, but it will all be worth it. Charlotte & Grayson will show you that sometimes happily ever afters take time and that nothing is what it seems.

The Big D by Brittany Crowley



Brittany Crowley’s “The Big D,” roped me in and had me finishing the book in one night. Seriously, I stayed up well past my bedtime. Imagine a random hookup with a delivery guy, and then having it not be so random. And well, not really a delivery guy.

This book had me spinning around waiting to see what I’d be surprised with next. In a little Christian Grey fashion, Grant Donovan is a hunk of a man who knows what he wants and knows how to give others what they want too. He’s sexy and powerful.

Agnes, a.k.a Aggie, is a strong independent gal who works two jobs to make ends meet. She visits her grandmother every Friday and when the delivery guy knocks at her door and knocks the wind out of her, she can do nothing more than follow him outside. And then lead him to the backyard. This was a great read, and it’s on KU!

Tough As Steele by Elizabeth Knox

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I don’t know where Elizabeth Knox has been all my life, but after reading her latest release “Tough As Steele,” all of her books are sitting pretty on my kindle.

I freaking loved this book! Okay, so really HOT, Handsome, and powerful Logan falls for Brooklyn, a girl that got a second chance at life and is taking advantage of it, immediately after seeing her. A night at a bar, an unfiltered best friend, and a little alcohol courage get Brooklyn the best night of her life. She hooks up with Logan and has the best sex she’s ever had. What she doesn’t expect, is what happens after.

This story had me hooked from the beginning. I read most of it pretty fast, I would have finished earlier if not for life’s responsibilities. Elizabeth Knox gives us the steamiest of scenes and a really strong relationship.
What I loved the most, is the development of the supporting characters. Characters who will have their own books, characters I have already fallen for. Yes, I’m talking about Jordan, you’ll know what I mean later on.

Must read though! Seriously.

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