Bragan University Series


Better With You

Mia Collins has an amazing life. She was popular in high school and college is off to a great start. Everything seems perfect until she goes home for the break and everything changes… One night sets everything in motion and Mia’s world begins to fall apart. She’s stunned that the life she thought she knew…

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Fighting For You

Jesse Falcon has dedicated his life to one cause: to fight against that which has taken so much from him. He’s learned the hard way that if you want something to be done, you have to do it yourself. No more waiting for others to make a difference. With football, a pre-med program and a coveted internship,…

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Falling For You

Zack Hayes was taught that hard work pays off. He lives by that adage, working a part-time job, playing football and taking a full load of courses in the hope that his parents can stop working themselves to the bone.  However, when things start to go wrong, Zack begins to believe that when you come…

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Better With You, Always

Mia Collins & Colton Hunter.  She’s smart and sassy, and he’s a swoon-worthy alpha. Better With You took us on a journey where Mia & Colton’s love and mutual self-healing was the final destination.  But their story isn’t over. When it comes to these two, they’re better together. Always.

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Bragan Boys

Bragan University.  Home of the Bragan Lions Football Team.  A dominant group of guys with a drive to win, looks to kill, and girls at their beck and call.  Meet Colton, Jesse, and Zack and the girls that make them throw belief and reason out the window and let their hearts lead the way.  Books…

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