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Bragan Boys

Bragan University.  Home of the Bragan Lions Football Team.  A dominant group of guys with a drive to win, looks to kill, and girls at their beck and call.  Meet Colton, Jesse, and Zack and the girls that make them throw belief and reason out the window and let their hearts lead the way.  Books…

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Then There Was You: A Single Parent Collection

AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME: With stories from 14 unbelievably talented authors. Read on for a taste of the stories you’ll find within! Back to Life by Dani René Both having been heartbroken in very different ways, Kayla and Caleb find themselves in a very unlikely situation where they can’t deny the electricity coursing between them.…

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Voyages of the Heart: London

She isn’t from here. I can tell that the moment she walks into the classroom. Maybe that’s what attracts me to her… A white lie. A half-truth. Now I have her, even if it’s only for a few days.(From the anthology With Love From London)

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