Bragan Boys

“No true words can describe how incredible this series is. And the fact they are now in a box set makes it even more amazing. Each story will pull at your emotions in a different way. The characters have so much depth to them, you can actually feel deep in your very heart and soul what they are feeling. What’s even more unreal, is that this author can take real life situations and make each character jump off the pages at you and make you feel like you are a part of their lives! As you read these stories, you will root for these characters and hope that each of their lives turns out as you envision. But, as in life, not everything goes as expected. If you want to know about the Bragan Boys and the women in their lives, then please, I beg you, read these stories and I promise you will enjoy them as much as I did.” ~ Amazon Reviewer

Bragan University. 

Home of the Bragan Lions Football Team. 

A dominant group of guys with a drive to win, looks to kill, and girls at their beck and call. 

Meet Colton, Jesse, and Zack and the girls that make them throw belief and reason out the window and let their hearts lead the way. 

Books 1-4 in the Series available in this collection.