Not the Same

“Wow! While this is a short story, it certainly packs a punch.” ~ Amazon Reviewer

“My heart broke for Aron. Having to deal with drug addiction and a younger sibling is something no child should ever have to do. The dialogue at the end of the story between Aron and Ethan is something every person in rehab should read over and over again. Highly emotional and heart wrenching while providing hope at the end of a tragedy. Simply one of the best books of 2018.” ~ Amazon Reviewer

Aron Lincoln never meant to take on the role of parent. 
He was only ten years old.

His job was to be a big brother, one his little brother could learn from—maybe even look up to. 

He wasn’t supposed to be the one his brother depended on for protection. 

But when their Dad walked away, and their Mom chose something else over them, Aron was left with no choice. 

He made a vow to protect his brother, and it’s a promise he intends to keep.

Trigger Warning: Drug Abuse.